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Organisations have a responsibility to ensure their workplaces are safe, and those that require employees to drive for work need to consider fleet cars as an extension of the workplace. To help prevent occupational injury on the road, it is important that fleet cars are as safe as is reasonable and practical. Achieving this doesn’t necessarily have to pose an extra cost to the organisation.

The benefits of choosing safer cars for your fleet include:

  • improved safety and employee morale
  • cost savings and greater efficiency in fleet operations
  • an enhanced organisational profile among peers and the community

Implementing a fleet purchasing policy and a safe driving policy can reduce many of the risks associated with driving for work.

The Transport Accident Commission and WorkSafe Victoria have developed a Guide to safe work-related driving to help reduce deaths and injuries resulting from work-related driving.

Why is fleet safety an issue?

Road crashes are one of the most common reasons behind work-related injuries, fatalities and absence in Australia.

Studies show that one quarter of all company cars in Australia are involved in crashes each year.

Company car drivers typically have a higher crash risk because they spend more time on the road, have longer distances to cover and are often under time pressures and tight schedules. Company car drivers also tend to be less concerned about car damage, wear and tear because they don’t own the cars they drive.

The cost of crashes

The costs of crashes to companies can be substantial – both in human and monetary terms.

The financial costs include superannuation, unplanned absences, car costs and payments to third parties.

The human toll of road crashes can be devastating and can affect the morale and well-being of all staff.

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