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2 JUNE, 2008

Checking your tyres should be as automatic as putting on a seatbelt - that is the message for this year’s Auto Safety Awareness Program (June 2 – 9, 2008).

Motorists are being urged to make sure their tyres are roadworthy not just over the Queen’s Birthday weekend, but all year round. ASAP partners - VACC, RACV, VicRoads, TAC and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) - want drivers to check the grip, pressure and general condition of their tyres during the campaign and then get into the habit of doing so on a regular basis.

A 2006 survey found one in five cars on Victoria’s roads had at least one unroadworthy tyre. Tests on wet roads prove braking at 80km/h on unsafe tyres adds an extra three car lengths in stopping distance, compared to near-new tyres. 

“If proper tyre maintenance helps prevent car crashes, then the College of Surgeons wholeheartedly encourages all motorists to carry out regular tyre checks,” RACS Victorian Road Trauma Committee Chairman, Garry Grossbard, said

Many drivers take tyre tread, pressure and condition for granted but their importance should not be underestimated. Tyres support almost every function of a vehicle’s motion; road-holding, steering and braking, so it is vital they are in good condition.

Every time you drive, tyres wear regardless of how new. Incorrect pressure, high or low, causes premature tyre wear. Correct pressures appear on a placard or sticker, typically located on the driver’s door or in the glove box.

Always check pressure when tyres are cold.

To be legally roadworthy, a tyre requires a minimum tread of 1.5mm at any point in contact with the road. Tyres should always be replaced before wear indicators surface. These appear as raised bars running across the tread, evenly spaced around the tyre.

State Minister for Roads and Ports, Tim Pallas, has backed the Get a Grip message for Auto Safety Awareness Program 2008.

Video clips on explain how to check tyres. Site visitors can also enter a competition to win one of five sets of brand new tyres and one of 50 tyre pressure gauges.

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