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Another Aussie 5-Star Ute

15 JUNE, 2010

ANOTHER AUSSIE 5-STAR UTE The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) today released a 5-star safety rating for the Ford Falcon utility. ANCAP, Australia’s leading independent vehicle safety advocate, conducted extra crash testing on the Falcon Ute last month.

ANCAP also released a 5-star safety rating for the BMW X1, based on crash test data from ANCAP’s sister program, EuroNCAP. The Mazda2, with dual airbags, rated 4-stars. In 2008, ANCAP published a 5-star rating for the Mazda2 when optioned with 6 airbags and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Consumers should note the difference in the various model options.

ANCAP Chair, Lauchlan McIntosh, welcomed the Falcon Ute rating, saying it was good to see these Australian-made workhorses achieving the highest safety rating from the crash test program. The 5-star ratings apply to 6 and 8-cylinder models fitted with ESC, head and chest protecting side airbags and tunnel-mounted transmission control gear shift.

“These utilities are very popular for workers right around Australia, so it is important that they have the same 5-star occupant safety as cars like the Falcon sedan” Mr McIntosh said.

ANCAP first tested the Falcon Ute in 2008 and it earned a 4-star rating. The latest crash tests assessed the extra protection provided by the optional side airbags with head protection.

“Crash research shows that head-protecting side airbags halve the risk of a brain injury in a severe side impact. An ANCAP 5-star rating ensures that the vehicle has this protection, as well as the life-saving crash avoidance technology, ESC.

“I urge all fleet managers and every new car buyer to choose a 5-star ANCAP rated vehicle,” Mr McIntosh added.

ANCAP is supported by all Australian and New Zealand motoring clubs, all Australian state governments, the New Zealand government, the Victorian Transport Accident Commission, NRMA Insurance and the FIA Foundation. For a full list of ANCAP’s vehicle safety ratings, including more commercial vehicles and other vehicle safety information, go to

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