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How does your used car rate in the safety stakes

26 JULY, 2011

UCSR used car safety rating 2011 image

Victorian Minister for Youth Affairs Ryan Smith has today launched the 2011 Used Car Safety Ratings guide (pdf 2.6mb) that will help younger drivers make safer choices when buying their car.

"Many young people purchase a used car for their first car. A vital part of being safe on the road is to make sure the car driven is safe," Mr Smith said.

"The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to reducing road trauma. The Used Car Safety Ratings guide is an excellent resource for young people shopping for their first ride. This could potentially be a life-saving resource for motorists looking to purchase a used car," Mr Smith said.

The guide, developed by the Monash University Accident Research Centre, the Transport Accident Commission, VicRoads and the RACV, measures the performance of second-hand vehicles in real crashes. The ratings assess how a range of 184 vehicles protect occupants and other road users in the event of a crash.

"The Used Car Safety Ratings guide is formulated considering the total community impact from road accidents. If the community is serious about reducing road trauma, consumers need to consider how any vehicle purchased protects all road users," Mr Smith said.
Monash University Accident Research Centre data has shown that the cars young people tend to drive has influenced an average 11 per cent greater risk of death or serious injury if they have an accident.

"The road toll statistics for young people are alarming. I urge young Victorians to listen to the stats, take notice and put safety first when out on the road," Mr Smith said.

"The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to making Victoria's roads safer. This is why we have introduced the three-year Regional Victoria Road Trauma Reduction strategy and why we have enforced stronger legislation against dangerous hoon drivers.

"I hope young people and their parents do the homework, research the types of cars that receive the top ‘Safe Pick’ rating in the guide and choose a car that meets a high standard of safety."

The Used Car Safety Ratings guide is available on the UCSR brochures page or use the find my car to see how your car stacks up

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