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About Victorian Road Safety

Victoria has long been a world-leader in road safety. We were the first to adopt the mandatory wearing of seatbelts, random breath testing, compulsory bicycle helmets and roadside drug driving tests. As a result of our pioneering approach, our annual road deaths have dropped from 1,061 in 1970 to under 300 deaths each year.
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What's Towards Zero?

Towards Zero is a plan to eliminate serious injuries and deaths on Victoria’s roads. It acknowledges that, as people, we all make mistakes but they don’t have to cost us our life or our health. Our bodies are fragile and there's only so much physical force we can withstand.
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Learn more about how we're working Towards Zero

Towards Zero needs to be a collaborative effort by everyone in the community to help change road safety for the better. We all need to work together to get to the goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads.