Illustration of a vehicle demonstrating active safety features.

Driver Attention Detection

Driver Attention Detection, sometimes known as fatigue detection warns drivers if signs of drowsiness are detected.

How does Driver Attention Detection work?

Driver Attention Detection uses different types of information to detect drowsiness, including steering wheel movements and length of time driving. It will alert the driver to take a break via an alert on the dashboard and a sound. More advanced versions of the technology use a camera near the steering wheel to monitor the driver’s eyes and head movements to detect drowsiness.

Why is Driver Attention Detection important?

Driver attention detection systems are designed to warn you that you are fatigued or are at risk of becoming drowsy. Fatigue is a major cause of crashes in Victoria resulting in approximately 50 deaths and 300 serious injuries each year.

If you are feeling fatigued, it is best to avoid driving entirely rather than relying on technology.