Illustration of a vehicle demonstrating active safety features.

Safety Features

Learn about important safety features

Crash Protection for Adults

The structure of a car and its passive safety features can help to protect adult occupants in a crash.

Front Airbag Driver

Airbag in the front drivers side to prevent the driver from striking other parts of the vehicle in the event of a crash.

Front Airbag Passenger

Front airbag in the passenger side to prevent the occupant from striking other parts of the car in the event of a crash.

Crash Protection for Kids

The structure and safety features of a car can help protect a child in a crash.

Side Curtain Airbags Second Row

Side Curtain Airbags are designed to protect you and your passengers from head injuries during a crash.

What are the Recommended Safety Features?

These safety features are recommended, as each has been shown to help improve the likelihood of surviving a crash or avoiding it in the first place. The more of these features a vehicle has the safer the vehicle is.

  • Low Speed Auto Emergency Braking
  • High Speed Auto Emergency Braking
  • Vulnerable Road User Auto Emergency Braking
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Reversing Camera
  • Side Curtain Airbags Front Row
  • Side Curtain Airbags Second Row
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Front Airbag Driver
  • Front Airbag Passenger