Illustration of a vehicle demonstrating active safety features.

Electronic Stability Control

ESC is an automatic feature that becomes active if you lose control of your car.

Why is ESC important?

ESC is proven to be effective in reducing the occurrence of single vehicle and roll over crashes. Vehicles fitted with ESC are involved in 32% fewer single-vehicle crashes and 58% fewer roll-over crashes that result in driver injury.

How does ESC work?

Sensors on the car monitor the direction of travel and steering wheel position. If a hard steering maneuver occurs the technology will automatically brake individual wheels and help bring the car back on track.

ESC can help a driver maintain control by:

  • Correcting oversteering or understeering
  • Stabilising the car during sudden evasive maneuvers
  • Enhancing handling on gravel patches


No, it is not possible to retrofit ESC.

Yes, ESC is an important vehicle safety technology. It is now a mandatory feature for all new cars sold in Australia, if you’re buying a used car make sure you check it has ESC.

Yes, the system exists under different names depending on the vehicle manufacturer. Ask the manufacturer if the vehicle has an ESC system fitted.