Illustration of a vehicle demonstrating active safety features.

Lane Keep Assist

Lane keeping technologies are designed to prevent you from leaving your lane of travel.

What is Lane Departure Warning?

Lane Departure Warning systems use cameras to detect line markings and warn you if you’re drifting out of lane. It will alert you via a sound, visual display or vibration that your car is about to veer out of your lane.

These systems are only a warning and you are still required to take action and steer back into the driving lane.

What is Lane Keep Assist?

Lane Keep Assist uses the same technology as Lane Departure Warning, with an added feature. If you don’t take action the feature will gently steer you back into your lane. The system will disengage when the indicator is in use to enable you to intentionally change lanes.

Why is Lane Keep Assist important?

Lane Keep Assist is estimated to reduce run off road and head on crashes resulting in fatality or serious injury by 22%.


Lane keep assist technologies must be able to detect the lane markings or road edge to determine if the car is leaving or has left the lane. If there are no visible line markings the technology may be able to detect the edge of the road and continue to function.

Lane keeping systems will not function on gravel roads and in snowy conditions where there are no visible line markings or a distinct road edge.