Illustration of a stick figure on a bike.

Reversing Camera

Reversing Camera technology is used to provide you with visibility behind your vehicle.

How does a Reversing Camera work?

A Reversing Camera is made up of a camera and a display monitor. When your car is in reverse, the camera located at the rear of the vehicle activates to show what is behind your car on the monitor. These cameras can help to view objects that may not be visible through head checks and using your reversing mirror.

Why is a Reversing Camera important?

Reversing technologies such as cameras or sensors have been shown to reduce pedestrian crashes by between 31% and 41%.

  • They increase rear visibility by enhancing your vision from the rear of your vehicle.
  • They provide assistance for tight manoeuvring so you know exactly how far you have until it hits something.
  • They provide an extra way to check before reversing to prevent accidents.
  • They help you to see objects that might be below your eye line in your vehicle such as small children.

Reversing Cameras are not designed to replace checking behind your car and being aware of the location of children, animals and objects before reversing.


Yes, there are reversing cameras that can be retrofitted to your vehicle. It’s best to contact your dealer or vehicle manufacturer for recommendations on the best product to select.