Illustration of a car hitting the back of another car

Side Curtain Airbags

Side Curtain Airbags are designed to protect you and your passengers from head injuries during a crash.

How do Side Curtain Airbags work?

Curtain airbags are activated in side impact crashes, for example t-bone crashes, or collisions with trees and poles. They deploy from the top of the door rails above the side window and work by providing cushioning between the driver or passenger’s head and the window.

Why are Side Curtain Airbags important?

Curtain airbags reduce the risk of head injury in a crash, without them there is little to protect your head from hitting the side of the car or being impacted by objects that you have collided with. Side impact crashes account for approximately 22% of all major crash types where people are killed or seriously injured, make sure your next car has side curtain airbags.


There are a number of airbag recalls currently underway, these mostly involve Takata branded airbags that are used in the steering wheel. It is important to check your current car, or any used car to see if it is affected. These airbags are deadly and need to be replaced immediately.

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